BMW 4 Series F32

BMW 4 Series F32

BMW has produced many vehicles over the years. It has been around for longer than most manufacturers could hope for and it’s just as strong today as it was when it first emerged.

The car that we are going to look at today is the BMW F32. Part of the 4 Series range, the car launched in 2013, meaning it’s fairly new.

Available in a number of different variants, it was the coupe that started it all. Also available as a convertible and a 5-door fastback, the vehicle is the successor to the 3 Series E92.

Styling-wise, the car has a lot to offer. It’s quite aggressive-looking and bold, which gives it a lot of character. It has a familiar aesthetic to it, which makes it fit in with the rest of the range, resulting in the line-up’s cohesive look.

As one would expect, the vehicle offers an incredible level of luxury and comfort. BMW is renowned for its elegant vehicles that appeal mostly to the slightly more up-market customers looking for something a little more extravagant.

The F32 definitely reflects that, which is a great thing. BMW managed to adapt as time progressed whilst retaining its essence. It’s quite difficult for carmakers to do that, with only a few being successful and remaining on top of their game for as long as BMW has.

The F32 comes with a variety of engines, depending on the model, allowing customers to choose from a number of powertrains best fitting their needs. If you thinking about sellng your old BMW, check Trusted Car buyers or “we buy any car”, they might help.

It’s a solid vehicle that offers exactly what you’d expect. BMW’s attention to details is apparent throughout and is part of the reason why the vehicle is so great.

What do you think of the BMW Series 4 F32? Are you a fan or do you prefer slightly less extravagant cars? Let us know your thoughts and come back soon for more fun and informative articles about BMW.


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