BMW i5 SUV – Tesla rival is comming

BMW i5 SUV – What can we expect?

The BMW i5 SUV has long been in the making, but with no recent news about the car many are beginning to wonder whether it will live up to expectations.

It’s no secret that in the recent years BMW began experimenting with electric vehilces. They are after all at the height of their popularity at the moment, so it’s understandable.

BMW isn’t the only manufacturer interested in the emerging tech, so in the last few years the market has become quite competitive to say the least.

With Tesla becoming a market leader when it comes to electric cars, manufacturers will have to try extra hard if they want to rival it.

BMW definitely knows what it’s doing, having been in the game for a very long time, but electric vehilces remain uncharted territory for the most part, so unless it’s able to be innovative, the brand will not win the battle against Tesla.

The BMW i5 SUV, designed to rival Tesla Model S. Now, SUV’s are very popular at the moment, but again this only means that the market is saturated with them.

Much hasn’t yet been revealed about the i5, but going form the pictures that have been realised it looks rather appealing. Unfortunately, looks aren’t everything so unless its tech is as appealing, BMW might have a problem.

It’s always difficult for a brand to enter new territory, but with BMW’s experience and impressive portfolio, the i5 could potentially go on to becoming a best seller.

The response so far has been largely positive, but it’s uncertain whether the electric car craze will continue for much longer.

No information as to when we can expect the i5 has yet been revealed, so it’s crucial that BMW hurries if it wants the SUV to do well. Read more about BMW I5 SUV here.

It’s likely going to be another solid vehicle from BMW, making it perfect for those after an environmentally-friendly SUV. If you’re after a new car, perhaps now is the time to start looking for a car valuation service to raise funds, and get the car you’ve always dreamed of.

What are your thoughts on the BMW i5 so far? Are you looking forward to the car, or do you prefer the more standard models the brand produces? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more informative articles from Cars BMW.

BMW i5 SUV – What can we expect?
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BMW i5 SUV – What can we expect?
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