We’ve just found out that the new BMW X5 2014 will be released into production this year in August. The current generation E70 will be manufactured until July 2013. The only model to be released by the end of this year or early next year will be the diesel version.

Built in Spartanburg, the BMW X5 F15 is based on the design of the current generation Series 5, which is over 100 kg lighter, despite its bigger size, also providing a more sporty experience while driving. This reduced weight will favor the fitting of smaller engines on the new X5, both petrol and diesel.

In terms of design, the X5 F15 will have extended headlights, going until the kidney grille and creating a 3D effect, as well as giving the car a more sporty look. The front bumper will feature ventilation holes like the ones on some M models. The BMW X5 2014 will have sleeker lines and more exposed areas.

In the latest Palbay spy pictures we were also able to see a functioning air vent, similar to the one on the new BMW Series 4 Coupe.

We’re expecting the new BMW X5 F15 to be showcased in this year’s New York Auto Show.

BMW X5 2014

BMW X5 2014

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