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Upcoming BMW M5 – images Leak Online

A set of CGI renderings of the upcoming BMW M5 have been leaked online, ahead of the car’s official debut scheduled for 2017. Read more at: autoblog.com

Fans of BMW will be pleased to learn that first images of the highly anticipated new M5 have been leaked online by a reported factory insider. Although they don’t give too much away, they give us a glimpse at the car, which has been surrounded by mystery for the most part so far.

The CGI renderings showcase the front and rear of the car, which appear to have been given a makeover. The vehicle looks quite luxurious, but we won’t know for sure what the final product will look like until we get a glimpse at it in the flesh next year.

BMW has produced some of the world’s most well received cars over the years, but some were left unsatisfied by the renderings.

It’s unclear what carmaker is planning to do with the upcoming BMW M5; however, it appears that the brand is taking a slightly more luxurious and elegant route with the car. This is understandable considering the brand is known for the level of elegance that it offers its customers.

There’s no denying that BMW knows what it’s doing having been in the game for longer than most manufacturers currently in business.

Much hasn’t been revealed about the upcoming BMW M5 just yet, but since it’s scheduled to make its debut early next year, we will likely find out more as that date approaches.

Fans of the brand are certainly excited to learn more about the car; however, it remains to be seen what the critics think.

The M5 isn’t the only vehicle currently being developed by BMW, so the brand definitely has its hands full at the moment. Only time will tell what it has in store for us for the future.

Perhaps now is the time to sell your car and invest in a brand new BMW. With some many option to choose form, the time has never been better to treat yourself to a luxury vehicle.

What are your thoughts on the CGI renderings? Are you liking the look of the M5 so far? Let us know how you feel and don’t forget to return soon for all the latest about BMW and its cars.

Upcoming BMW M5 - images Leak Online
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Upcoming BMW M5 - images Leak Online
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