BMW M760Li

New BMW M760Li

BMW M760Li What To Expect

Looking for that BMW M7 that they don’t make? Well, they still don’t because they make an M760Li XDrive instead. Well This BMW M760Li produces around 600bhp from the 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12. Which propels the car from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. The top speed limited at 155mph. The official flagship seven is supposed to be quite a car. The V12 tweaked by M-Performance, which also uses one mono-scroll blower per bank of six cylinders. These mounted on each bank, and they breathe inter cooled air and benefit from BMW’s usual double valve timing and high precision fuel injection. BMW says this lets them have a higher compression ratio. Which contributes an excellent deal to throttle response and decent fuel figures.

The impressive torque is transmitted to the ground through an 8-speed auto gearbox with paddles and Xdrive four-wheel drive. Additionally, with defined rear-bias and a system that is remarkably the reason the BMW M760Li can accelerate in such a styling fashion. To be able to do 0-60mph in under 4 seconds inside a flagship is surprising. Launch control is standard on the car. This model is a lot more ostentatious and louder. So you will hear it coming, with a quad-exit exhaust with active flaps which can increase volume depending on the effort expended.

The suspension is the like the Executive suite as is standard onBMW M760Li the seven series. Also, this updated from the M-performance variant. Including, air springs with all the dynamic damper controls. As well as Dynamic Drive to reduce the roll and increase the comfort of the car. This can also tighten things up when you need to squeeze down a back lane. There is also an additional camera which scans ahead to allow to precondition the suspension for bumps in the road ahead.

BMW M760Li Configuration and Design

Well the BMW M760Li is a fast car and is also very subtle. Although, the wheels do look like they could be a challenge to keep clean. Besides from conspicuous aero package which adds a few features like front intakes, rear apron and exhaust mods. This makes it difficult to tell it apart from its monster brother. There may be Performance M badges on the wings and a few V12 badges here and there on C-pillars, but this isn’t a show-off car.

BMW even offer a separate version of the car which is called BMW M760Li xDrive V12 Excellence Design. This version leans even further towards trading the M-performance bits for a quieter exhaust and a little extra chrome. Not in surprise, the inside gets a few small additional pieces. The list is long and includes just a few things like Adaptive LED headlights with anti-dazzle and beam assist, rain sensors, keyless comfort access, electric seats and dynamics safety with also lots of Merino leather.

BMW also includes the full array of BMW ConnectedDrive gubbins, including the latest generation and professional multimedia excellent resolution, colour touchscreen and IDrive. Even with all the standard equipment, the options list is both broad and expensive, as you would expect. BMW M760Li




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