BMW 3200 CS

BMW 3200 CS (1962-1965) – performance and elegancy

We’re so familiar with BMW’s modern vehicles that we often forget just how long the brand has been around. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the brand’s earlier models – the BMW 3200 CS. Launched in 1962 the grand tourer received a generally positive response from both the critics as well as the public.

The 3200 CS made its debut at the 1961 Frankfurt Motor Show. It was showcased alongside the BMW 1500. Whereas the 1500 featured a brand new design, the BMW 3200 CS was based on the chassis of another BMW vehicle, released 10 years prior to the CS.

The result of having the two cars together at one event were pretty epic as the brand was able to present their vision for the future alongside a vehicle that featured styling elements from the brands previous models.

Powered by a BMW OHV V8 engine, the BMW 3200 CS was quite powerful, however its appearance was its main strength.

Although the car was based on an old chassis, numerous elements from the 3200 CS found themselves on BMW’s other models. It managed to create a vehicle that both looked and felt great, which is something that the brand still believes in as evident in its modern vehicles.

BMW has never compromised its aesthetic to “fit in” and by doing so it managed to build a reputation for itself over the years.

The 3200 CS is a great example of car that was genuinely impressive.

Only 603 units were ever made and the car was discontinued in 1965, however its legacy lives on and the car remains a favourite among enthusiasts.

You could still get your hands on the BMW 3200 CS if you looked hard enough, however we’d expect it will be a little pricy as any other rare vehicle of the time.

Let us know your thoughts on the vehicle in the comments below and be sure to come back soon for even more interesting and fun articles about BMW and its cars.


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