BMW 507

BMW 507 (1956-1959)

Today we are going to venture a little further back to take a look at a BMW from the past. Ever since the brand first emerged, it has produced exciting vehicles that people quickly fell in love with. Instead of only focusing on the brand’s latest models, occasionally we’re going to look back at BMW’s history to rediscover the cars that time has long forgotten.

The vehicle that we are looking at today is the BMW 507. Launched in 1956, the roadster only remained in production for 3 years. Only 252 units were ever built, due to the fact that the car was too expensive. Originally, the company planned to make around a thousand a year, however that didn’t work out and the disappointing sales lead to the car’s cancellation.

The vehicle looked rather intriguing with the body hand-formed from aluminium. This made each 507 slightly different.

Powered by an aluminium alloy OHV V8 3168 cc engine, the vehicle was capable of reaching a top speed of around 122 mph.

Although the 507 attracted a number of celebrity buyers, including the late Elvis Presley, the vehicle never managed to meet the sales volumes the brand was expecting.

Today, it is believed that around 202 remain in existence however the whereabouts of them all are unclear.

Perhaps not the best BMW ever made, the car was decent enough to satisfy the needs of those who could afford it. It wasn’t a bad car, on the contrary, it was a good vehicle that was simply launched at the wrong time.

At the time BMW was struggling a little and the disappointing sales of the 507 didn’t help the matter.

Has it been released at a different time and its price was a little more reasonable, it would have done a lot better.

Overall, if we had to give the vehicle a rating out 10, ten being the highest, we’d give it a 6.5. It was a great looking car that simply had a lot going against it, which resulted in its untimely demise.

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