BMW 7 Series (E32) (1986-1994)

We all enjoy a little luxury. Whether it’s in the form of a fancy meal or an extravagant and expesive car, there’s just something about luxury that makes us want to experience it.

For a very long time, manufacturers have tried to come up with the most luxurious vehicle in the world and although many have attempted it, only a select few were successful.

It’s time for us to take a look back at another BMW vehicle to find out all about its strengths and weaknesses, The car that we are focusing on today is the BMW 7 series E32.

Introduced in 1986, the full-size luxury car was in development an insane 7 years before it finally entered production.

Ercole Spada is the man responsible for the design of the E32m which looked rather impressive. It definitely conveyed the idea of luxury very well, which added to the overall effect of the vehicle.

The vehicle not only looked fantastic but it also was quite powerful. The base model included a M30 3.0-litre engine capable of producing 188 PS (138 kW; 185 hp) and had a reported top speed of 223 km/h.

The vehicle came with many different engines over its 8 year production run, all of which were rather powerful and offered a smooth driving experience.

Inside, the vehicle was just as luxurious with things like a telephone, wine cooler and double glazing available as options.

In total 311,068 units were built between 1986 and 1994, making the vehicle rather successful.

How do you feel about the 7 Series E32? Would you purchase it if you had the money? Let us know.

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