BMW might launch a new brand for the Chinese market

BMW and Brilliance prepare for the launch of a new brand for the Chinese market. The new brand might use the Zhi Nuo name, and the first model will be based on the BMW X1 model.

The Chinese market is extremely attractive for the European producers and they have adapted their offer to suit their Asian clients. BMW will soon launch a brand especially designed for China, state related sources of the German brand.

The Chinese press states that the brand will be named Zhi Nuo, which in translation means “promise”. Other details related to the new brand developed by BMW are not yet official, but it is assumed that the first model might be based on the current X1 crossover generation or on the former 3 series (E90) generation. Although there isn’t an official confirmation from BMW, the decision is logical since the Chinese government obliges European constructors to create domestic brands within existing partnerships to avoid extra charges. If BMW will launch a Chinese subsidiary brand,it will also receive from the government the right to build a new plant in partnership with Brilliance in Shenyang. The new brand might be launched at the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year.



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