BMW New Class

BMW New Class – History and details

BMW has overcome its fair share of difficulties over the years. It experienced financial problems in the past and a number of its vehicle didn’t do as well as planned. The brand still managed to come out on top, mainly because of its innovative nature and the evolution of its cars.

In the 1950’s, the brand found itself in the centre of a financial crisis. Its car’s weren’t doing as well as expected and the market for luxury cars was quite limited.

The answer for the problems came in 1962 in the form of the BMW New Class. The line of new sedans was introduced to add variety to the brand’s line-up and to offer a slightly more affordable option for its customers.

The first of the New Class sedans was the BMW 1500. Although it was renowned for its numerous problems, it was still a fantastic car. It kick-started a new era for the brand and was partly responsible for getting the brand out of its financial troubles. The model was replaced by the BMW 1600 in 1964.

It was followed by the BMW 1800, which differed slightly in appearance but was still part of the New Class family. It was just as appealing and however it offered an entirely different driving experience as it came with a different engine.

The BMW 2000 was the last sedan from the New Class family to be introduced. Launched in 1966, the car was much more luxurious compared to the other models in the line-up. It shared its aesthetic with the rest of the line-up, however it offered a lot more.

By 1977 all of the New Class models were discontinued. Perhaps, not the best vehicle produced by BMW, the New Class sedans will forever remain an important part of BMW’s history.

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