BMW Turbo

1972 BMW Turbo concept

BMW Turbo: An iconic concept from BMW’s past

We’ve decided to do things a little differently today, Instead of looking at one of BMW’s current offerings, we are going to take a look back at one of the brand’s earlier creations.

Since its early days BMW has proven itself to be a very serious contender in the luxury vehicle market. The brand’s attention to details and impeccable can be seen on almost every vehicle that it puts out, so it’s no wonder it remains so popular with customers and critics alike.

Just because the brand is known for its luxury cars, doesn’t mean that it’s stuck in its ways, on the contrary, BMW has always evolved with times and experimented along the way, which resulted in the creation of numerous incredible cars over the years.

One vehicle that definitely stood out the most is the 1972 BMW Turbo Concept. Produced to celebrate the 1972 Summer Olympics, the vehicle showcased an innovative approach towards car making, way ahead of its time.

Aggressive, yet bold and futuristic-looking, the Turbo truly shines to this day, as one of the brands most intricate and enticing creations.

Although, the vehicle was never meant for production, and only two examples were ever produced, the car managed to remain popular throughout the decades, quickly becoming a favourite among enthusiast and critics.

Even though, the Turbo itself never materialised in a production form, it inspired a whole generation of BMW vehicles and redefined the meaning of luxury. Numerous elements from the concept have become BMW staples that to this day appear on many of the brand’s modern vehicles.

Looking back at BMW’s history, the BMW Turbo is one of many vehicles that stand out. The brand definitely knows what it’s doing, which is why it’s fantastic to see that it is still going strong today, bringing out interesting and innovative vehicles quite regularly.

With no signs of slowing downs, BMW will likely remain on top of its game for years to come.

What do you think about the BMW Turbo? Do you like the concept or are you not a fan? If you an owner of BMW and would like to sell your car viisit:

BMW Turbo: An iconic concept from BMW’s past
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BMW Turbo: An iconic concept from BMW’s past
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