BMW X6 – luxury crossover

Although BMW’s vehicles have changed a lot throughout the years, the brand’s aesthetic as well as its attention to detail remain the same. The car that we are going to look at today, the BMW X6, is a good example of how far the brand has come, because even though the brand’s cars look completely different today, the level of luxury that they offer remains the same.

Introduced in 2009, the X6 luxury crossover first appeared at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show in the form of the BMW X6 concept, with the production version making its debut the following year.

The BMW X6 was met with a lot of praise. Although it’s slightly longer and wider than the X5 it’s much lower at the same time. Upon launch it was also only capable of seating four, until the brand added an optional 5th seat in 2011.

BMW’s Dynamic Performance Control system made its first appearance on the X6. By regulating traction, the system allows for a much smoother driving experience.

The first generation X6 came with a twin scroll twin turbo 4.4-liter BMW N63 V8 engine capable of producing 547 hp. It could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

Apart from being powerful, the X6 was also quite aesthetically-pleasing. The original X6 sported aggressive yet elegant styling, which is what made it so appealing. It was a luxury car that also looked quite edgy, which is rare. Luxury cars are often elegant but they lack the aggressiveness that sports cars, for example, feature.

In 2014, the second generation BMW X6 was launched. Although it stayed true to the original, its appearance has slightly changed. It has lost some of its edge, however it became a lot more powerful. It is currently one of the quickest vehicles of its type.

If luxury is what you’re after, the X6 will definitely deliver. It’s elegant, fast and powerful, which let’s be honest, is all you can ask from a vehicle of its type.

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