BMW Z4 E89 second generation roadster

Today we are going to look at the BMW Z4 E89. Introduced in 2009, the roadster currently serves as the second generation of the Z4.

Although the days of unusual and futuristic-looking roadsters are long over, the new generation of slightly more luxurious roadsters are starting to emerge.

BMW has always produced vehicles both innovative and appealing and although the industry has changed greatly, the brand has managed to adapt and continues to produce high quality cars to this day.

The BMW Z4 was launched in 2002. Initially available as a roadster and a coupe, the vehicle proved quite popular with customers. Although it wasn’t as unusual-looking as the roadsters of the 1950’s and 60’s, the car looked elegant and unique enough to appeal to customers. It definitely has a hint of familiarity to it, thanks to BMW’s unique aesthetic, which gave the vehicle character and made its design work as a whole. The first generation of the Z4 was discontinued in 2008 and a year later the second generation in the form of the E89 was introduced. Are you owner of Bmw Z4 and want to sell your car ? Vsit Trusted Car Buyers for free car valuation.

Having made its debut at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Z4 E89 went on sale later that year. Although it still resembled its predecessor, the vehicle was given a slight makeover, one that was subtle but noticeable. Perhaps one of the biggest changes to the Z4 was the inclusion of an automatic retractable hardtop convertible roof, which marked the end of the coupe version.

The E89 was also the very first BMW vehicle to be designed by two female designers who were responsible for both the interior as well as the exterior.

It initially came with a N20B20 l3 turbocharged engine capable of producing 181hp and reaching a top speed of 142mph (228 km/h), however through its production run, different engines were also available.

Despite having some flaws, the E89 is a great roadster that’s guaranteed to satisfy those looking for speed, power and great styling.

It’s an incredibly fun vehicle to own and is perhaps the most exciting model in the brand’s current line-up.

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