Design and technical details for 2015 BMW M3

Over the years, BMW has produced a great number of fantastic cars. Having been in the industry for nearly 100 years, the brand made a name for itself and to this day it remains one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet.

The BMW M3 was first introduced in 1985 as a 2-door coupe. It was based on the E30 3-Series, however it featured a BMW S14 engine.

Although the original M3 was discontinued in 1992, the M3 returned the same year in the form of the E36. The vehicle featured numerous styling changes and its performance has improved. It was still available as a 2-door coupe however a 4-door saloon E36 was also available.

The third M3 was launched in 2000 in the form of the E46. The vehicle went back to its roots and the saloon version was dropped. The vehicle’s performance once again improved and although it still resembled the E36, it sported a new look.

In 2007, the fourth M3 was launched. The BMW E90/92/93 was completely redesigned. The saloon version also made a comeback for the first time since the E36.

After disappearing for a couple of years the M3 has re-emerged just in time for the 2015 model year. Although the car still sports the familiar styling that we are all used to, it’s no longer available as a couple, instead the M3 comes back as a sedan.

The all-new M3 is much lighter compared to its predecessors, which in part is due to its V8 engine being replaced with a turbocharged inline-six. The numerous structural changes also contributed to this making the 2015 M3 the lightest yet. It’s also capable of reaching a top speed of 155 mph.

All this adds to the M3’s appeal making it a fantastic and reliable vehicle. Whether you’re a fan of the brand or not, there’s no denying that the M3 is a decent car.

Having been around since the 1980’s it’s great to see a car from that era that’s still around today. Although the new M3 looks nothing like the original, it’s definitely worthy of the M3 name.


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