New BMW M5 2018

New BMW M5 2018

Some of the most iconic BMW cars have been from the M series, which is why the next M5 is being much awaited as the most advanced car so far in the M series. Though it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, it is expected that the new BMW M5 will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, so it’s due for another three months or so.

At the start of May 2017, BMW tested out the new M5 in front of a number of journalists at Miramas, France. We saw then that the new M5 has replaced the previous 7-Speed Double Clutch Transmission with an eight-speed M Automatic instead. This M5 will also be the first of the M series that will come with an XDrive all-wheel drive. The M5 will offer three basic driving modes –2WD mode, 4WD mode, and 4WD Sport; the modes can be switched by just the touch of a button. It will come with the famous V8 engine, with the capacity of 4.4 litres. There have been hints that the engine will be able to produce a little over 600 horsepower.The new M5 will no longer have the six-speed manual, and will instead have an eight-speed automatic transmission.BMW has managed to keep it all hush up till now, so we don’t know any exact numbers, but we do know that the new M5 is designed to perform even better that all previous ones regarding power output and torque.

What we so far do know about the new BMW M5 is that the cargoes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. To improve the ride quality, dampers have been used, and for more precise and quicker torque vectoring, carbon clutch blades have been introduced as well. Many of the previous settings as found in the M5 series, such as for steering, engine, suspension, etc., are pretty much the same in the new model as well. The innovation in the BMW M5 is its brain, the Central Intelligence Unit, which can override the individual engine control unit.

New BMW M5 2018
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New BMW M5 2018
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