BMW i4

Rumors: The BMW i4 to be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show

Last year we’ve covered BMW’s plans to build more models in its sub-brand. We’ve also mentioned the i4 and i5 models, which will soon join with the upcoming i3 and i8, as they also received the green light recently.

According to L’Automobile, BMW is preparing to reveal the new BMW i4 to the public this November, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. As we’ve mentioned before, the BMW i4 seems to be based on the i3 model, basically being a sportier version of it that has two seats and an electric drivetrain.

Compared to the i3, the i4 model will have only two doors and the basic version will cost 50.000 USD.

Like the other i models, the BMW i4 fully takes advantage of the CFRP technology. As the i4 has about the same size as the i3, it could use the same hybrid drivetrain: a plug-in system with a compact electric motor mounted on the rear axle. The system will be powered by the battery and it will drive the rear wheels using a single report transmission. As we’re talking about a sports version of the i3, the BMW i4 would have more horsepower than the entry-level town car: 168 horsepower and 250 Nm torque.

If the rumors about the car’s unveiling in Los Angeles are true, an internet release is sure to come somewhere within the following weeks.

BMW i4

[Source: L’Automobile via GreenCarReports]


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