BMW iDrive Touch Controller

Video: The BMW iDrive Touch, soon to be released in 2013

This summer, BMW released their biggest improvement yet to the iDrive navigation system. Along with the hardware and software upgrades, the German engineers have also modified the user interface.

The BMW iDrive Touch was already released in China and, starting July 2013, all BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce models will feature the new gadget. The iDrive Touch comes with many extra features on the iDrive controller, including handwriting recognition and map navigation.

The multi-touch surface is 45mm in diameter and makes interacting with the car more intuitive, faster and easier to use. The handwriting recognition software allows the iDrive to recognize characters by simply “drawing” them with the finger on the touchpad.

BMW iDrive Touch Controller

Aside from handwriting recognition, the iDrive Touch makes it easier to use the map on the display, as well as adding zoom in and zoom out functions to the touchscreen that work in the same way as all the other smartphones or laptops.

Furthermore, touching the new iDrive controller will have the same end result as clicking a mouse.

Here’s a video which explains the way the new iDrive touch works.


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